Thursday, 19 April 2012

Zenonia 4

Last few days ago , i found a interesting mobile game in my phone .
 [ Zenonia 4 ] is the game !

I'm addicted to it ... :X
Here's some of the screen shots of Zenonia 4

Regret is the main character of the story.
The story is quite complicated but i like it :P

This game has a very good quality and resolution.
I like the drawing in it ( including the background , the soundtracks and etc. )
Every character was nicely drawn .

Furthermore , the monsters are also amazingly created !
Some of the monsters are cute :X

Here is the interesting part of the game !

After the prologue , you will have to select a class to continue your story then Enter Chapter 1.

Slayer , Blader , Ranger and Druide .

Every class has their own attires , while going through the story , you will need to fight to level up and to become stronger to win the bosses .
Monsters will drop equipment and ornaments .
These Equipment you wear will change your appearance in game .( I like this part ! )
If you have too many equipment/ornament/etc , you can always go to see Item Merchant/Weapons Merchant to sell your items and to gain gold :)

I had chosen Druide(Magician) at the first but it wasn't nice to control and also it needs lots of Health potions and MP potions to maintain it's HP and MP . ( Wasting my Gold =.= )
Thus , i played a new data with the class Slayer(Warrior) .
Haha ~ Slayer is really COOL ! I love the skills he uses.
Slayer is not only powerful but also a strong defender.
Well , it depends on your "taste" . :D

Some more Screen shots to share :)

You can find [ Zenonia 4 ] in HTC Play Store ( Google Store was change to it ).
Hope you like it !
Enjoy your game :D