Tuesday, 3 April 2012

短暂 的 聊天

一个 短暂 的 聊天 ,
一天 下午 的 约会 ,
又 让我 重新 振作了.

聊天啊 ~~
谢谢你 !

Monday, 2 April 2012

美丽 的 早晨

最近 , 很难得看到 早晨的 太阳 .
在眼睛看得到的东西 , 我最喜欢的就是 太阳.
一直 以来 太阳 都 给我 一种 很 温暖的 感觉.
不论 开心 , 悲伤 , 失望 ... 我都 喜欢看着 天空,看着 太阳.

太阳 给我 能量.
温暖的 能量.

谢谢你 , 太阳.

New Look Of My Blog

Awwww , just have time to rest .
Last 2 weeks i was really busy :X

Just a short update of my blog .
Changed the appearance of it because i had drawn a new arts :D

Well, it's a butterfly .
haha . Hope you like it !

Enjoy Your Day .

Sunday, 1 April 2012

April Fool

Happy April Fool , Everyone !
Do you celebrate April Fool with your friends in school ?

I miss it so much during school's days !
Joking and fooling around with friends .

Today , i had a date with 2 of my best friends .

We had a wonderful lunch together in Pizza Hut .
3 of us chit-chatted about 5 hours.
OMG ? 5 hours ! what did we talk about ?
We talked about so many things which happened recently .

Haha , we just love to talk to each others and have fun together !
No Doubt , we are just like siblings.
Well , i'm the eldest within them.

After finishing 3 plates of pizzas , we went to have a walk .
Ate ice-cream , pearl milk teas ...
Lastly , we decided to have a comfortable talk in Sushi-King .
haha ! again , we started to chat after ordering some dishes .

PS: the service in Sushi-King .. is DAMN bad !
I won't go there again ! NO MORE !
Pissed me off ...

Anyway , today was a full-filled day to me .
Because since i graduated , i had no more outing like today . :D
It's a memorable day to me .