Saturday, 7 January 2012

JYJ's Youtube Official Channel and Facebook Official Page

Yesterday , JYJ announced they're launching their JYJ's Youtube Official Channel on 9th of January 2012 .
When i saw this post , i was like ... WOOOOWWWWW ! JYJ is really really GREAT ! What a Great News !
Thank you , C-Jes !

I was really glad to see them chatting happily , smiling and laughing !
Well , i'm madly in love to them [ >w< ]

Next , they created a JYJ's Official Facebook Page . This makes all of their fans go crazy !
haha ~ because we can know more about them :D
They also shares some of their mobile pictures in this Official page too ... [ DRIVE ME CRAZY ]

They're really cute , loving and charming . RIGHT ?! ♥ 
이번 JYJ 오피셜 페북 오픈에 이분들이 가장 기뻐했겠죠.전 세계 JYJ로 하나 되는 팬들과 이 곳에서 즐거운 이야기 많이 만들자는 세 사람! 아래 사진 처럼 가끔씩 멤버들의 핸드폰 속 사진들이 이 곳 페이스북을 통해 공개 될 예정이니 많은 기대 부탁드립니다. ^^

JYJ is really glad about opening their official facebook page. They want you guys to be happy when you visit this page! :) Sometimes JYJ members mobile pictures will be released. like this one!!
I look forward to seeing you guys here VERY OFTEN!! :)

Besides that , on 4th of January C-Jes Entertainment as known as JYJ's management company also announced that JYJ is holding concerts in South America .
JYJ's South American tour
* March 9th - in Chile
* March 11th - in Peru

This news brought lots of joys to JYJ's fans in South America !