Saturday, 2 July 2011

Larian Serentak 1 Murid 1 Sukan 1 Malaysia

It was a jolly loving day , All of us ( students + teachers ) were participating a programme which organized by the Government [ Larian Serentak 1 Musid 1 Sukan 1 Malaysia ] .

Initially , i thought that it was a boring and silly activity .
The reasons why i thought so , it's because students of form 3 couldn't join us .
[ Panda fish is studying in form 3 :) ]
this made me disappointed :( He couldn't join us in this programme .
Next , It's Saturday ... and i was lack of sleep .

But , it wasn't like what i thought after the event started .
It's was kinda fun and interesting !

Before the event started , teachers had given all of the participants number which need to "stick" on our shirts .
I got number 1107 , and my best friend , Sophia had 1017 ...
Both of our number were kinda alike , right ? haha ~ how lucky were us !

After giving us their speech , we had AEROBIC DANCE ! WOW !
This was the first time our school had an activity like this ! I was so excited !
So here was how we dance , haha ! kinda funny :D
But , everyone enjoyed it ! for me , it was a good exercise to everybody !
Sometimes , we really need to exercise ... It's good for our health .

*PS : Here , i have to thank , fishie for helping me took these photographs :D Because , i myself , were also enjoy dancing , so he helped me ^_^
Thank you , dear ~

Friends were having lots of fun together dancing and laughing , haha !
Karen said : " How lucky that i had come to school today , it's really fun !"

Oh , There was a Super Big Surprise ! Our Rover , Annie came back to see us !
Wow ~ all the scouts were so happy to see her ~
She joined this programme too , with us !
Recently , she is studying in KL , seldom come back ...
Whenever Annie come back , she will meet us :D

Here we Off to our Marathon ! wow ~~ ~ Let's GO !
Actually , we just had to jog around the MBKS's lake about 5 rounds :D
It's kinda easy , but i was the exception .
I was the photographer of the day , so neither jog or run . but I walked :)

The weather that day was very nice , very comfortable , very relaxing !
I love the cloud in the sky ♥

Wasn't it lovely , Was it ?

While jogging on the track , we met kiddies from SM Lumba Kuda , They were also having the same programme as what we were doing .
This programme was ended around 9 .
After finishing the programme , students and teachers walked back school and have fun :D
Playing basketball , badminton or chit-chatting .

I would just stop at here , Just for sharing ^_^
Hope you enjoy reading .
Enjoy Your Day . :)

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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Tons of Works

I'm sorry to say that , recently i'm busy with my homework and projects .
Don't have much time to update my blog ...
But i will be finishing my projects this weekend .

Sigh , there are really lots of works that need to be completed ...
I have to speed up :)
Will update my blog soon .
Enjoy your day .
Happy Schooling :D

Monday, 27 June 2011

Super Creative Advertisement

In my memories , there was a super extreme creative advertisement that till now i still can clearly remember the content of the advertisement .

kamigatakimete ikite ikimashou
OH LA LA LA jinseiwasubarasii
kamigatakimete ikite ikimashou
OH jinsei tanosimudake tanosindara
HEY gokigenyou

Guys , enjoy the video ya !
I really love the part when he was getting older and older , until became a skeleton ! wahaha ! It's Funny !

Other then that , Kimura Takuya also took parts in the Gatsby advertisement .

Well , it's quite nice la ~
Especially the background music of the Advertisement ...

So , this is the things that i would like to share with all of you .
Enjoy your day ,
Have a sweet dream , Good Night !